Young Pretenders

What a great set at the Young Pretender during the Congleton Jazz and Blues Festival!

Loved your sound and looking forward to checking out your future gigs in the area.

Al Heyes

‘What a polished, professional band!’

Myself and my partner came to listen to your band last night. We attend regular events at the Bassment in Chelmsford, but we both agreed, you were the best we had seen there, in fact, as soon as I entered the room and you were playing, the first thing that came to my mind, was ‘what a polished, professional band’!

Marisa Swain

Just dynamite!

It was great (again). Ray is an inspiration to me to A) buy a Nord and B) practice my blues licks more. When I grow up i want to play like him. Im sure you will start getting gigs everywhere once the scene realise what a 4 piece they have got here. Just dynamite!

Matthew Philip Latter

Fun vibe

Really great fun vibe not to mention very high standard of musicianship.

Neville Bonner

Great show

Great show delivered by four very talented guys.

Perry Mahoney

Brilliant gig!

Brilliant gig – and I don’t say that more than once a week 🙂

Graham Hutton

Great gig.

Great gig. Everyone played their pants off!

Russ Mahoney

New favourite!

My new fave band! Brilliant night (at the Bullfrog Blues Club).

Jenny Fletcher

A class act

A class act with 4 great musicians clearly enjoying themselves…can’t wait to see more of them.

Janet Harrison

Teed up at The Bullfrog Blues Club

Great to see Teed Up for the first time last night. only their 3rd gig and it went down a storm. it just shows what 4 very talented and experienced musicians playing what they love can achieve in a very short space of time. 85 people in the audience, possibly a record for the last few years. only tagging the band members as there were too many friends there to tag.

Graham Hutton