The band has arisen from a number of circumstances happening at the right time. I had seen Steve Roux play some 15 years earlier and vowed to find myself in a band with him at some point in the future. During the intervening period I had joined forces with Bernie and forged a very successful rhythm section in a different band.

Jump forward a few years and I found myself helping out a band in which both Bernie and Steve were playing. As that band came to its end, I was playing in Europe and was introduced to some contacts on the European festival circuit.

Having already established a good rapport with my erstwhile bandmates, the search was on for a like-minded keyboard player to join the embryonic outfit and see what could be achieved together building on what was already there.

Steve had no hesitation in volunteering Ray Drury as the prime candidate – he and Ray had long been a mutual appreciation society – and an initial get together was arranged.

From the very first notes, it was apparent that there was a special chemistry between all of us. The Blues, as an idiom, can (in the hands of some) be a restrictive form. There are no such restrictions with the line up and we are equally at home in the funk of the swamps of Louisiana as we are on the streets of Chicago.

With a growing mutual respect we aim to take our blend of these styles to our favourite venues in the UK and some new ones in Europe. 

For me, this is a band that was 15 years in the making and the wait has been worth it – from the very first notes we played together. I couldn’t imagine playing the Blues with any other people around me.